Making the way
in "smart" technologies

How We Work

How We Work

  • Our Approach

    We work directly with our customers to find what their needs are then build our systems to fit their needs. That way we can provide the best solution possible without a huge learning curve. Our systems are designed to fit our customers NOT our customers have to fit our designs.

  • Our Software

    All of our software is designed in house. Meaning that we have full control of our software and can modify and/or design it to any of our customers needs. You will never have to wait for someone in another city, state or country to do any modification to any of our software.

  • Our Equipment

    We use the latest equipment in "smart" technology, system integration and communications. We bring all the field data into our monitoring center then customize a web interface to fit our customers needs. The majority of out equipment and monitoring devices are all class 1 div 1 & div 2 certified. We also have a few new products we are going to bring to market. They are tagged as our "smart" monitors. More to come....

  • Our Systems

    Our systems are custom designed using the latest in technology. Our controllers are all microprocessor based with a wide temperature range so they are able to operate under the most harsh conditions in the Summer and Winter.

What We Offer

What We Offer

  • Tank Battery

    We manage and monitor all tank battery operations from level to pump control.

  • Pump Control

    We manage and monitor all pump operations on centrifugal,triplex, quintuplex and h-pumps. We can monitor pressure, oil level, vibration etc... and alarm on any and all points.

  • Flow Control

    We manage and monitor flow, accumulate flow volumes and control actuator valve equipment.

  • Salt Water Disposal (SWD)

    We have designed a special system for SWD’s. We control ALL aspects of the disposal and report volumes per company per day or date range. We have remote admin access for adding, modifying, deleting or disabling any company accounts.

  • Websites

    Our websites are tied to our field equipment, giving you around the clock monitoring of your tank levels, alarm statuses, etc.

  • Internet

    All of our Web, Mail and SQL Servers are located in Midland Tx. We have redundant backup servers and plans to setup a new backup data center in Austin, Tx.